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Subway Surfers APK for Android Download (Latest Version)

Subway Surfers is the only popular game which is getting updates on regular intervals and its updates are either based on the upcoming or ongoing big festivals or the basis of new cities around the world. This time, Subway Surfers team has arrived in India and the world tour is set now in the city of Mumbai. I’m going to provide Subway Surfers APK for Android download of latest version here.

As the game has arrived in Mumbai so it’s very good news for we all Indians. The game is as usual superb in graphics and game play and it is available for free. The game will keep on updating regularly and this fresh update will stay for at least two-three months

About Subway Surfers Android APK

The latest version of this epic endless running game which has been updated for Android devices this time has got superb quality of graphics as you can expect and the sound effects being played during the running part are also awesome. The sound track being played in the background is still the same traditional one.

The graphics of the game are of high definition quality and you’re going to love this game if your device is having HD resolution display or even better. The game won’t run if the internal RAM is anything less than 512MB so you’ve to take care of this requirement before downloading the game. Though the game will get installed but it will not be able to run well on low end devices.

Download Subway Surfers APK for Android (Latest Version)

Subway Surfers is never going to end and you need to make sure that you show best of your running and acrobatic skills. As you’ll proceed in the game the speed will increase slowly and slowly and the game play will become harder than it was started.

You need to collect coins in the game which you found and you also need to complete the daily task provided to you by the game. You can scroll through the store to get some help in running.